The Start of My Journey to Motherhood

My entire pregnancy (and even before) I️ preached I️ would do a natural birth, no drugs! A little over 10 hours into labor and I️ was still sticking to that notion. I️ was proud of myself for being so “strong”. Obviously, I️ was in a world of pain and the screams and cries showed that, but I️ still refused the epidural. I️ had faith in myself. 

For all the mothers out there, you know the pain is only when the contraction is happening, but once it ends there’s absolutely no pain. So In between my contractions we would sit and talk, but the second a contraction came I️ began my breathing techniques and the second it stopped I️ went back to laughing. My contractions were only 15 seconds every 2-3 minutes. The photo above is moments before everything changed. I️ had a contraction that lasted almost EIGHT MINUTES. That contraction changed everything. It took over my whole body and I️ honestly didn’t think it would stop. The nurse helped me up from the chair and lied me on the bed to check i…